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Resolute Nutraceuticals Helimix - Black

Resolute Nutraceuticals Helimix - Black

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L-Citrulline is a non-essential amino acid that is responsible for the production of nitric oxide in the body through the conversion to L-Arginine. This has been proven to lead to a spike in blood flow during periods of working out. Such a provocation is responsible for increased pump and performance, as well as a potential increase in strength and blood vessel quality too. There’s a reason that it’s the number one ingredient used in performance supplements across the market now.

L-Arginine is the vasodilator that is produced in your body through the conversion of nitric oxide precursors like that of L-Citrulline. While new research came out recently that L-Arginine is not as bioavailable in the body as L-Citrulline during their lonesome, studies have proven that both amino acids when combined with each other have led to a significant increase in blood flow than the latter by itself. While there have been some favorable results that came from studies done on chemically bonded versions of these ingredients like that of Nitrosigine, the research is relatively new for those differing trademarked ingredients. We like to stick with what is genuine.

Creatine is not only the most researched supplement on the market but it has also been renowned as the most effective supplement you could be taking to make your gains. It has been shown to spike your power output with short bursts of speed and strength through the increase of your ATP stores which is responsible for your cellular energy and has recently been shown to have cognitive benefits as well. Creatine should be a part of everybody’s daily routine no matter their purpose.

Beetroot powder infused with beetroot extracts are known as a popular superfood as a result of their high nitrate frequency which is responsible for being another vasodilator that acts as a nitric oxide precursor in the human body. These nitrates help drive blood into the muscle which not only helps induce better pumps but has also been shown to increase nutrient absorption, lower blood pressure, and increase stamina. Beetroot is prided on being a more natural alternative to the common ingredients that you see.

Lion’s Mane is a popular superfood as a result of their nootropic benefits which are known to improve human thinking, learning, and other cognitive benefits like that of memory. Not only is it good for shorter-term focus when taken before a workout, but it has also been proven to help your overall brain health as well over time, going as far as to minimizing symptoms of depression. Talk about quite the benefits nature has.

Caffeine. We know it. We love it. Sometimes we can’t get enough, but sometimes we go too far. We’re proud to differentiate ourselves with a moderate 180 milligram dosage that won’t make you crash and won’t give you the shakes but will still give you the kick that you need to do your best. Come join the move!

We’ve prioritized using the most superior form of the five most important differing electrolytes that are in our own product. The combination of Sodium Chloride in the form of Pink Himalayan Salt, Magnesium Glycinate, Potassium Gluconate, and Calcium Carbonate are sure to keep you hydrated throughout your entire lift. Proper electrolyte balance and levels of hydration are necessary to maintain proper muscle function as well as levels of homeostasis.

Vitamin C is crucial when it comes to proper cellular development which will boost potential efficacy of all other ingredients as well as increase your body’s immunity as a result of its benefits.


The newest addition to the market of Daily-Driver Performance Supplements, PEAK Pre-Work-Out Formula comes with everything that you need. With a bigger emphasis towards high-quality natural ingredients, we provide a clinically dosed formula designed to maximize your pump, focus, energy, power, as well as a total electrolyte panel to perfect your hydration. Zero Fillers, Zero Proprietary Blends, Zero Sugar. Purchase with that link in our descriptions.

How to Have:

Mix one scoop of PEAK with 16 ounces of cold water, consume with a meal over 30 minutes prior to physical activity, relish the benefits of PEAK achievement!

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